Before and After School Club

  • Before School

    On arrival at the Big Kids Club your child will be welcomed by our friendly staff to join in the mornings daily activities, before breakfast. Breakfast is served from 8.00am to 8.30am, breakfast consists of cereal and milk, toast and fruit, milk is available along with water.

    After breakfast your child is free to join in any activities he/she wishes to before their trip to school.

    The school run will begin with your child collecting his/her belongings before being assigned to a member of staff who will accompany them to school. Depending on the school which they attend depends on how they will travel to school. Children who attend schools in walking distance will be walked to school; the children who attend schools farther away will be taken by car. All children traveling by car will be sat in appropriate car seats (booster seats) safely and securely fastened in.

    On arrival to school the children will be supervised at all times whilst in the play ground and until they enter the school building for the start of the day.

    After School

    Your child will be met at the end of the school day by a member of staff from Rainbow House; they will then be escorted back to the Big Kids Club.

    On arrival the children will be given a light tea which will consist of various sandwiches, beans on toast or spaghetti on toast for dessert fruit and yoghurts, water and milk are available throughout the session.

    There will be various activities set up for your child to take part in from painting, play dough, sand water, to mark making, reading and free play. There will be a chance for your child to complete any home work they may have with the staff on hand to offer support.

    The Big Kids Club has outdoor provision for the children to enjoy the activities. The children will have opportunity daily to access outdoor play with a wide variety of resources and equipment.