• The children in this group are eager to practice their newly acquired skills - therefore there are always plenty of activities to keep the children interested and stimulated.

    The importance of free play and choice is never forgotten. The following are just some of the activities on offer at Rainbow House. Your child will be free to choose which activities he or she cares to participate in and he or she will be encouraged to participate in as wide a range as possible. The staff ratio for this room is one member of staff to four children. The Toddler room is registered for a total of 24 children at any one time.

    Imaginative Play

    We have a home corner, changed frequently, i.e. kitchen, post office, hairdressers, and shop etc. where your child can dress up if they wish and act out roles from real life or imagination.

    Music and Movement

    Your child will learn both new and traditional nursery rhymes and songs, use percussion instruments and learn action songs, finger rhymes and dances.

    Sensory & Tactile Experiences.

    All these foods and resources make playing lots of fun for the children and we encourage all children to take part. Sand, Water, Jelly, Pasta, Corn flour, Potato and many more messy play activities for exploring with.

    Mark Making

    Through the use of paints, crayons, chalk, pencils, scissors, clay and dough we encourage the development of self-expression, colour and shape recognition, as well as developing greater manipulative skills. Mark Making provides an opportunity for all children to make their own marks with paint, chalk and crayons.

    Story Time

    We encourage the children to sit and listen to stories and rhymes, either in small key worker groups or individually.

    Toys and Games

    A wide variety of toys and games are provided to encourage the development of a wide variety of skills. These include, building bricks, Popoids, puzzles, cars, and animals to help children develop their knowledge and understanding of the world.

    Outdoor Play

    Fine weather in any season will give your child the opportunity to make the most of outdoor play. A selection of bikes and cars are available to teach the children motor skills as well as climbing and balancing equipment. Rainbow House had a wonderful secure outdoor play area with natural shade from the trees, an enclosed garden area for Babies & Tots. A flagged area for children to ride bikes, scooters and push prams. We also have a large area of soft play providing shapes and colours to learn from, a road pattern for riding around and a bright sunflower for counting as well as foot prints to follow and practice balance.


    We are happy to follow any toilet routines you already have in place, we will also help to support your child in the first stages of potty training, right up until they are fully trained.